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COBE 0.1 Alpha

Languages: C, Assembler

Features: Main-Initialization, Protected-Mode, Bootlogo, Shell, Multitasking, Scrolling, easy FAT12

Details: GDT, IDT, ISR, PIC, IRQ-Handler, CMOS, Keyboard-Driver, MemoryManagement, Paging, Syscalls, FDC (Thanks to Mike), ScreenHandler, FunctionHandler

Work in progess (for 0.2): ELF-Support, Heap, HAL, VM86, Datastream, LibC


- The official website of COBE was launched!

- COBE 0.1 Alpha released! The image can be found under Downloads.

More information can be found here: LowLevel/COBE

Last Update 26.04.2011 00:00